(April 15, 2013) Collecters who know Anton Brzezinski as a painter might be surprised to know he's long been a closet computer geek. In the earliest days before IBM ps's, he built computers using chips and transistors and programmed them in machine language. Presently he's writing several APPS to run on Android tablets which will be available soon on Google Play Market. These apps will be imaginative original games from the imagination of America's surrealist!

Long a lover of vintage limos, Anton Brzezinski has purchased the extra long Caddilac stretch limousiene which formerly belonged to the Dallas rock group STRANGLEWEED. This humongous car is a full seven feet longer than his last limo! This time instead of painting purple eyes on the outside, he will entirely redo the interior with "Addams family style dark purple velvet, Victorian curtains and gold fixtures". Look for a future You Tube video on the refurbished interior - but don't hold your breath, reupholstering the interior to his satisfation might take as much as two years.

DECEMBER 2012 - As this has become my blog, I need to update my status. I just moved out of the Lake house, an exhausting effort involving moving a heavy etching press and other equiptment, and immediatly, feverishly, came down with the flu. I was temporarily incapacitated. Not only that, my vintage purple van whiich is my current drive developed mechanical problems which where only finally repaired yesterday. With Christmas and beginning of the month expenses, I'm not ready yet to take a new studio. Instead I'm in my tiny former studio near Dallas. Even so I've rediscovered drawing, working on future offerings. I don't even have floor space here to set up an easel, but art doesn't stop. My main concern is producing works which resemble my old surrealist style, which is actually holding me back from painting. No, I don't want to paint messy abstracts! Rather I want to paint things evolved from the luminous pictures I was developijng for a Japanese gallery show a couple of years ago. I'll explain soon! Happy Holidays.

Anton Brzezinski (born July 10, 1946) is a Polish American artist from Southern California. Brzezinski is known worldwide with collectors as "The Living Dali" or "The Polish Picasso" for his surrealist and cubist works of art. In 1999, he was featured in a show in Washington DC by the Fraser Gallery: "Homage to Dali." His painting of the same name received press in the Washington Post, Washington Times, and Dallas Morning News. .

He was also featured in a 1987 show sponsered by the Federal Reserve System in Washington, DC. Another show was at Belle Artes gallery in Fayetteville Arkansas, He also recievedl numerous accolades and considerable television exposures, beginning with a half hour talk show appearance on Psychedelic art in 1967 on 'The Joe Pyne Show. A short video biography about Anton and his deep involvement with the New Orleans art scene, "On the First Day it Rained" was shot by New Orleans PBS station, WYES in 1987.

In the 1990's, through his work in Hollywood and close friendship with Writer/Editor/Agent Forrest J Ackerman, he painted over 200 Science Fiction and horror covers and was shown and mentioned on Television world wide, as his colleciton of science fiction paintings was seen on the BBC,and other stations in France, Germany, Spain and Japan. But his true affinity is a fascination since adolescence with Salvador Dali and Dali's dreamlike style, SURREALISM. He became a listed artist for his surrealist painting "Remember Thou art Mortal" painted at the turn of the millenium. He has painted for years in aparments rented in Amsterdam, Paris, Rome. Currently he paints reclusively in a Texas studio with plans to buy a large Texas home in the next five years to transform into a showcase to receive collectors..


Remember Thou Art Mortal (c) 2001 Anton Brzezinski

Collectors and eBay seekers of new Brzezinski works have no doubt noticed the recent sparseness of original Brzezinski's for sale on eBay. Last year Anton furnished a lakefront studio to paint serious studies in coloring, materials and traditional techniques to take his work to the next level.
The photo on the top of this page, taken last year, is the most recent offical picture. Having attained the age and maturity of a senior statesman for art, his attire in the above photograph reflects the respect he deserves, but he apologizes in advance should he slip and perform any exhibitionistic hijinks in the future.
His new goal is to invest his new works with miraculolus quality. To become capable of this he spend thousands of hours doing studies of paintings which to him exhibited the qualities he considered excellent, while at the same time creating nothing for the public. He announces that he has satisfied himself that he's ready to offer paintings again. In mid November 2012 he's moving away from the isolated studio to a new house closer to his daughter and granddaughter near Dallas. After the rigors of moving and setting up a new roomier studio works will be offered on a regular basis.